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  1.改革产业结构 reform the structure of industries  2. 亏损企业 loss-making enterprises  3. 搞活企业 enliven enterprises  4. 加快现代化步伐 quicken the modernization drive  5. 跨国公司 transnational corporation / multinational corporation  6. 解放生产力 emancipate/ liberate productivity  7.振兴国家经济 invigorate our state economy  8.全面深化改革 deepen reform all round  9.提高经济效益 improve economic results  10.宏观经济调控 macro-economic control and management  点击查看:高考英语短文改错的万能公式法则  11. 经济实力 economic strength  12. 经营机制 operative mechanism  13. 整顿经济秩序 rectify economic order  14. 引进竞争机制 introduce a competitive mechanism  15. 建立技术密集型企业 set up technologically-intensive enterprises  16. 招商引资 canvass business and introduce investment  17. 房地产 real estate  18. 经济特区 special economic zone  19. 基础设施 infrastructure facilities  20. 豆腐渣工程 jerry-built projects  21. 投资热点 investment hot spot  22. 外向型经济 export-oriented economy  23. 按劳分配 distribute according to the work performance  24. 打破平均主义 break / abandon equalitarian  25. 沿海开放城市 open coastal cities  26. 国民生产总值 Gross National Product  27. 扶贫项目 anti-poverty project  28. 协调发展 coordinate the development  29. 住房改革 housing reform  30. 社会保障体系 social security system  31. 数字时代 digital times  32. 信息高速公路 the information superhighway  33. 虚拟社区 virtual communities  34. 市场萧条 slack market  35. 假冒伪劣商品 fake and poor quality commodities  36. 谋取暴力 reap colossal profits  37. 投诉 lodge complaint  38. 贸易争端 trade disputes  39. 乱收费 random charges  40. 市场疲软 sluggish market  41. 实行优惠政策 launch a preferential policy  42. 繁荣市场 flourish the market  43. 加入世贸组织 accession to the WTO/ entry into the WTO  44. 消费者协会 consumer’s association  45. 消费者购买力 consumer purchasing power  46. 新兴市场 emerging market  47. 抑制消费 control / inhibit consumption  48. 无形资产 intangible assets  49. 有形资产 tangible assets  50. 市场占有率 market share  51. 严重违约 grave breach of contract  52. 泡沫经济 bubble economy  53. 品牌效应 brand effect  54. 企业重组 reshuffle of enterprises  55. 贸易壁垒 trade barrier  56. 人才流失 brain drain  57. 商业炒作 commercial speculation  58. 扩大内需,刺激消费 expand domestic demand and consumption  59. 拉动经济增长 fuel economic growth  60. 连锁反应 chain reaction / domino effect  61. 竞争优势 competitive edge  62. 经济结构调整 economic restructuring  63. 经济增长点 economic growth point ; growth engine  64. 经济过热 overheated economy  65. 分期付款 installment payment  66. 从粗放经济转变为集约经济 shift from extensive economy to intensive economy  67. 不良贷款 non-performing loan  68. 促进全球经济一体化 foster integration with the global economy  69. 脱贫致富 shake/cast off poverty and set out a road to prosperity  70. 资源优化配置 optimizing the allocation of resources


  71. 不正之风 bad / harmful practice  72. 霸权主义 hegemonism  73. 奔小康 strive for a better-off life  74. 持续发展 sustainable development  75. 社会主义物质文明 socialist material wellbeing  76. 社会主义精神文明 socialist culture and ideology  77. 实现中华民族伟大复兴 bring about a great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation  78. 发展是硬道理 Development is an invariable truth  79. 坚持四项基本原则 uphold the four cardinal principles  80. 多极化 multi-polarization  81. 科学技术是第一生产力 Science and technology are the primary productive force.  82. 机构臃肿 overstaffing in organization  83. 机构改革 institutional restructuring; streamlining  84. 反腐倡廉 fight corruption and build a clean government  85. 核心竞争力 core competitiveness  86. 减员增效 downsizing of staff and improving efficiency  87. 减轻农民负担 reduce farmer’s burdens; lighten the burden on them  88. 跨越式发展 great-leap-forward development  89. 民主集中制 democratic centralism  90. 讲诚信﹑反欺诈 honor credibility and oppose cheating  91. 强权外交 power diplomacy  92. 求同存异 seek common ground on major issues while shelving differences on minor ones  93. 综合国力 comprehensive national strength  94. 滥用权力 abuse one’s power; misuse one’s authority  95. 廉政建设 build a clean and honest government  96 思想僵硬 fossilized concept  97 拜金主义 money worship  98. 知识产权 intellectual property right  99. 走后门 get in by the back door / enter by the back door  100. 贪脏枉法 take bribes and bend the law  101. 以权谋私 abusing power for money  102. “一国两制”的原则 the principle of “one country, two systems:”  103. 全国人民代表大会 National People’s Congress  104. 与国际接轨 synchronize with the world; accord with international norms  105. 最低生活保障制度 systems for ensuring a minimum standard of living  106. 养老保险 endowment insurance  107. 以经济建设为中心 focus on the central task of economic construction  108. 实事求是 seek truth from facts  109. 试点工程 pilot project  110. 战略伙伴关系 strategic partnership


  151. 彩票 lottery ticket  152. 保健食品 health-care food  153. 暴发户 new rich; upstart  154. 下岗工人 laid-off workers  155. 人口老龄化 aging/ graying population  156. 人口高峰 baby boom  157. 人口负增长 negative population growth  158. 再就业工程 re-employment project  159. 自由职业者 free lancer  160. 性别歧视 sexual discrimination  161. 性价比 cost performance  162. 水货 smuggled goods  163. 文化渗透 cultural infiltration  164. 跳槽 job-hopping  165. 公益广告 public-interest advertisement  166. 出国热 craze for going abroad  167. 社会福利制度 the social welfare system  168. 享受公费医疗 enjoy public health care  169. 世界卫生组织 World Health Organization (WHO)  170. 吸毒者 a drug addict  171.传销 pyramid-selling; multi-level marketing  172. 流动人口 moving population  173. 黄昏恋 twilight love  174. 贺岁片 New Year film  175. 记者招待会 press/ news conference


  176. 温室效应 green-house effect  177. 沙漠化 desertification  178. 过度放牧 overgrazing  179. 过度捕鱼 over-fishing  180. 滥砍乱伐 clear-cutting  181. 退耕还林 return cultivated land to forest  182. 沙尘暴 sand storm  183. 生态危机 ecological forest  184. 破坏生态平衡 destroy / upset the ecological balance  185. 自然保护区 nature reserve  186. 环境绿化 environmental greening  187. 禽流感 bird flu  188. 疯牛病 mad cow disease/ BSE  189. 口蹄疫 foot-and-mouth disease  190. 非典 severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)  191. 偷税﹑骗税 tax evasion and tax fraud  192. 扫黄打非 eliminate pornography and illegal publications  193. 严打斗争 strike-hard campaign  194. 公正合理的国际政治经济新秩序  a new and rational new international political and economic order  195. 外交纷争 diplomatic disputes  196. 维护世界和平 safeguard world peace  197. 国际惯例 international common practice  198. 民族分裂主义 ethnic separatism  199. 宗教极端主义 religious extremism  200. 世界的基本格局 basic world pattern